About CodeByWomen

CodeByWomen started as a personal list of tech blogs made by women. Now, it's a public, open source directory of blogs and projects. Anyone is free to contribute new content!

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If you'd like to add your blog or project to CodeByWomen (please do!), open a pull request on Github. In the future, you can update your blog, links, and image in the same way. For full instructions, see the README.

Don't have Github? Get in touch and mention the blog you want featured!

Source Code

To get a copy of the source code, please see the github project. Powered by React and Gatsby.js, CodeByWomen is 100% free and open source.

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If you'd rather not have your blog or project on CodeByWomen, please either use the contact form or contact the maintainer Madelyn Eriksen. We will remove your site and all related imagery.

About the Maintainer

I'm Madelyn Eriksen, a Javascript and Python developer from Los Angeles. I created CodeByWomen to keep track of my favorite blogs and increase visibility of women in tech.

When I'm not programming, I spend my time reading, hiking, and adopting houseplants. If you'd like to stop by and say hi, you can find my website here!