Screenshot of the blog Julia Evans

Julia Evans

by Julia Evans

Hacker school alumni, engineer at Stripe, and prolific blogger. Julia Evans sums her blog up as "things Julia has learned lately"; she's a fan of deep dives to learn more.

Screenshot of the blog amy nguyen

amy nguyen

by Amy Nguyen

Writing, computer science, feminism, and excessive introspection. Amy Nguyen is a software engineer at the Stripe Global Payments Team.

Screenshot of the blog PrismJS


by Lea Verou

PrismJS is a syntax highlighting tool originally created by Lea Verou. It supports dozens of languages and comes with several themes.

Screenshot of the blog You Might Not Need Javascript

You Might Not Need Javascript

by Una Kravets

With CSS3 getting more and more powerful, many web components don't require Javascript. Una Kravet's project "You Might Not Need JS" shows pure HTML5 & CSS3 implementations of common components.

Screenshot of the blog a11y with Lindsey

a11y with Lindsey

by Lindsey Kopacz

A blog all about accessibility on the web, written by Lindsey Kopacz. Her mission statement for the blog is "to help developers navigate accessibility jargon, write better code, and empower them to make their Internet, everyone's Internet".

Screenshot of the blog CodeNewbie


by Saron Yitbarek

CodeNewbie is "the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code". Originally founded by Saron Yitbarek, now with a podcast, blog, and other great resources.

Screenshot of the blog Lea Verou

Lea Verou

by Lea Verou

Lea Verou is a researcher at MIT, the creator of Prism.js, and an Invited Expert of the W3C CSS Working Group. She's a supporter of open source, and blogs about web standards and development techniques.

Screenshot of the blog sonniesedge


by Charlie Owen

Back off, she's a web developer. Charlie blogs about building robust sites, progressive enhancement, and creating a better, more inclusive web for all.

Screenshot of the blog My Card Game

My Card Game

by Rachel M. Carmena

With a unique design and layout, Rachel Carmena's blog and website borrows design from a deck of cards. Topics covered include testing, teaching programming, and accessibility.

Screenshot of the blog Tiffany B. Brown

Tiffany B. Brown

by Tiffany Brown

A self-employed developer, Tiffany B. Brown blogs about her experiences in web development. She freelances as her own company, Webinsta Inc.

Screenshot of the blog Tink


by Léonie Watson

A blog covering programming, web design, and even cooking written by developer Léonie Watson.

Screenshot of the blog Una Kravets Online

Una Kravets Online

by Una Kravets

A blog about frontend development, design, and more. Written by Una Kravets, currently Director of Product Design at Bustle.

Screenshot of the blog Val Head

Val Head

by Val Head

Writing by the UI and UX animation expert Val Head. Currently she's working at Adobe and curating a UI Animation Newsletter.

Screenshot of the blog Bits Of Code

Bits Of Code

by Ire Aderinokun

Ire Aderionokun's blog "Bits Of Code" covers frontend development, UI design, and web technologies. Her blog is an excellent example of an "offline first" PWA.

Screenshot of the blog Jessie Frazelle's Blog

Jessie Frazelle's Blog

by Jessie Frazelle

At the forefront of the containers scene, Jessie Frazelle's blog covers Kubernetes, Linux, and more. Currently, she's working at Github.

Screenshot of the blog Olivia Ifrim

Olivia Ifrim

by Olivia Ifrim

Olivia Ifrim is a senior software engineer focusing on creating durable, long lasting code. Her personal website and blog covers design patterns, data structures, and more.

Screenshot of the blog CSS { In Real Life }

CSS { In Real Life }

by Michelle Barker

CSS IRL is a project covering front-end development. Written by Michelle Barker, the blog covers everything from CSS to progressive web apps powered by Gatsby.

Screenshot of the blog Jessica Hamrick

Jessica Hamrick

by Jessica Hamrick

Jessica Hamrick blogs about Jupyter notebooks, Emacs, and data science. She's a core contributor to the Jupyter project.

Screenshot of the blog Mary Rose Cook

Mary Rose Cook

by Mary Rose Cook

Mary Rose Cook is a developer writing Javascript and Clojure. Her blog and website features her talks, blog posts, and links to her other content.

Screenshot of the blog Sophie Alpert

Sophie Alpert

by Sophie Alpert

Sophie Alpert's blog covers engineering, public speaking, and intersectional feminism. Her writing offers an inside look at React development.

Screenshot of the blog The Zen of Programming

The Zen of Programming

by Ali Spittel

"The Zen of Programming" is a blog about React, Vue, and Python. With a title based on the famous Python guidelines, "The Zen of Programming" covers topics from web design to soft skills necessary to develop software on a team.